MANTANKA walking in your moccasins®


"WHAT is MANTANKA®... MANTANKA® is an intuitive methode.

This method works with the knowing, morphogenetic field, as well as the humans'  ability  to  perceive  it  and  get  into  contact  with  it  =>  telepathy, intuition,  vision.  Everyone  owns  intuitive  abilities,  either  clairvoyance, clairsentience,  clairaudience  or  Clair cognizance  -  in  the  most  cases  it  is only necessary to make a small adjustment to the "sender"!


MANTANKA® called "grand/capital knowledge ". 
In the language of the Lakota (Sioux) Indian the syllable >MAN< means "knowledge" and >TANKA< "grand/capital.


Open yourself to the unlimited potential of your mind - for MANTANKA® - the great universal knowledge!

MANTANKA®  is your personality development.


The founder and author, Sylvia Grübl units the essence of proven methods for centuries with her own practical experience. From this comprehensive knowledge spectrum  and  her  methodology  has  grown  a  unique combination  over  the  years.  We can thus easily revive our intuitive abilities.  This method can help you to better trust your intuitions".  The larger context gives you the precious essence and unprejudiced deep insights – without judgment.


"You can never understand another person as long as you haven´t walked in his moccasins during a long moon!" (Indian proverb/wisdom)


Your benefit:

  • Find clear decisions.
  • Clarify private relationships.
  • Optimize internal and external relationships in business.
  • Activate talents and utilize resources.
  • See new opportunities.
  • Resolve/Remove the causes of pain.
  • Trust your perception and intuition.
  • Experience/Meet with MANTANKA® a practical method.